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    Child Nutrition\Food Service

      It is the belief of the East Carroll Parish Child   Nutrition Program that a nutritious meal is essential to the learning process   for every child. The USDA has established nutrition standards for its school   meals programs and, school systems are a key setting for healthy nutritional   habits, education and physical activity strategies. The East Carroll Parish   Child Nutrition Program uses Federal and State Guidelines as developed by the   United States Department of Agriculture to develop and implement menus.

    Our Mission

    To facilitate every child's   maximum potential for learning as well as develop healthier lifestyles to   lower their risk for disease, through encouraging healthier eating habits,   and increased physical activities.

    Our Goals

    • To provide a variety of foods and choices
    • To provide sound nutrition  education.
    • Promote long term health

    Helpful Links


                                                                                          Please click on the link below to view school menus.