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Elementary Education

Elementary Education


Elementary Education Department



Goal of Elementary Supervisor: To provide leadership in the development, achievement, and maintenance of the best possible educational programs and services in the area of elementary education.

The East Carroll Parish Elementary Division is committed to providing resources for all students to enable them to become literate and to progress through each grade from pre-k to grade 8 on time acquiring the skills to enable them to compete on a “level playing field” as other students their age and grade. The goal is to offer a rigorous and challenging academic program through implementation of the Common Core State Standards Curriculum in all required areas to build a solid elementary academic foundation of proficiency that will prepare students to progress to middle school. We will offer a rigorous and challenging common core state standards curriculum that will enable students at the middle level to earn a certificate for successful completion of elementary studies. In collaboration with the secondary supervisor, we will offer students the opportunity to pursue and bank some high school credits while still in middle school and/or make a successful transition to a high school academic or career pathway.


Collaborative Efforts with Title 1 Pre-Kindergarten Funded Program and Personnel

8(g) Early Childhood Program

  • Pre-school for Eligible Four Year Olds (Four by September 30th of Year of Enrollment)
  • Southside Elementary School
  • Parent(s)/Families/Caregivers      opportunities for Involvement & Education

Partially funded by the 8(g) Student Enhancement Block Program, this program goal is to prepare four year old children to be ready to learn when they enter into kindergarten.

In the elementary grades K-5 emphasizeshelp to ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks. Rigor is infused as students are required to read increasingly complex texts through the grades.

In all elementary and middle school grades there is continued emphasis on English language arts with writing prompts that require analysis and supporting evidence from passages of text, Math with multi-part four-point questions requiring justification of conclusions, responses to arguments and application of mathematics to every-dayproblems. In Science and SocialStudies, students will analyze one or more reading passages or texts to answer a series of questions requiring both content knowledge and evidence from the text within written responses.

Goals of the elementary and middle school programs will be accomplished through the following:

  • Faculty Collaboration
  • Assessments, Data Analysis, and Data      Driven Planning & Instruction
  • Professional development through      Professional Learning Communities

Elementary Foreign Language Program: Spanish as a Second Language Offered

Taught by Certified Foreign Associate Teacher

Elementary Grades 4-5; Middle Grades 6-8

World language study in early grades is based on extensive educational research that has demonstrated a positive link between second language proficiency and academic and cognitive ability in core content areas. Second language proficiency has been linked to higher scores on standardized test as well as tests of both verbal and nonverbal intelligence. Students must be prepared to compete in a global society.

Collaborative Efforts with Secondary Education Supervisor – Programs & Course Offerings in Middle School (Grades 7-8)

Drop-out Prevention Program – Jobs for Americas Graduates (JAG)

Journey to Careers – Career Readiness Course to Familiarize Students with Career Clusters

EXPLORE – Assessment to produce data necessary for guiding students’ five-year plans for college-career readiness prior to leaving middle school.


In collaboration with a local agency, Center for Poverty, the Twenty First Century grant funds will provideafter-school tutoring and enrichment to assist students in overcoming their academic deficits and prepare to meet the required proficiency levels on the LEAP and iLEAP assessments in the spring. East Carroll Parish Schools district teachers and curriculum will be utilized for the after-school tutoring. Each school principal will announce plans for the after-school tutoring and enrichment.


Students who do not met requirements for promotion on the current year spring administration of the LEAP assessments shall be offered supplemental remediation in English Language Arts and Mathematics as summer remediation before summer retesting. The following 4th and 8th grade students would be eligible for summer remediation:

  • 4th and 8th graders who do not take the current year spring LEAP tests or who fail to achieve the required performance proficiency level for promotion on the spring tests.
  • * In order to move students toward grade-level performance, East Carroll may offer summer remediation to students who meet the passing standard for 4th and  8th grade in the subject on which they scored below the required promotion      performance level as space is available.
         Students who meet the passing standard on the spring test are ineligible for the summer remediation and summer retest in the subject in which they met the promotion performance standard.
  • East Carroll will also offer summer remediation to the following students who will properly register before summer remediation begins.
  • nonpublic/home-schooled 4th and 8th grade students who fail to achieve the required promotion performance level on the current year spring LEAP     
  • nonpublic/home-schooled 4th and 8th grade students who do not test in the spring but who wish to prepare for the summer administration of LEAP

The school system may charge a fee to each nonpublic/home schooled student for this attendance. Summer Remediation Plans Will Be Announced

Summer Remediation is Not Required for Summer Retesting, but it is Highly Encouraged.

JoAnn Thompson, Coordinator
Elementary and Curriculum Supervisor Pre-K-8
(318)559-2222    Extension 2012

Our Mission: All stakeholders will share the responsibility to support and prepare learners for success in the twenty-first century.

Our Vision: Provide all learners and educators access to a technology rich environment, competent personnel, and a rigorous curriculum to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy as productive citizens on a “level playing field”.